The Library of Unread Books

Being new to the metro and a Bibliophile, MCAD COMMONS: THE LIBRARY OF UNREAD BOOKS was the perfect event for me to attend.

The exhibit is located at Escolta, Binondo somewhere I’m not familiar with, UBER/GRAB was my superhero. It was great sitting down skimming through the donated unread books. I found my own little nook, sat down and delved into my own little world and the books I’m holding on.

It’s a pretty great event and the exhibit runs until August 26th, at the Room 502 and 506, First United Building, Escolta Binondo.

I want to donate my own books but alas! I left most of my books back at home. Still, I’d definitely go back! 🙂

Here’s the website in case, you need more info




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