Few years ago, I remembered myself clamoring for EXPERIENCE. I wanted this and that. I remembered applying as a fastfood chain crew not for money but because I wanted to experience interviews, I remembered having a summer job as Customer Service Representative when I turned 18 (because it’s illegal to be employed if you are not yet of legal age) I also had a chance to teach Japanese and Korean students as a part time job. It wasn’t all about money but I WANTED TO ADULT FAST. I wanted to experience more of the real world. I want to be employed.

Fast forward, I graduated and had a good job with one of the richest companies in the country and juggling my MBA classes as well.

Then, I burned myself out… I messed up my job, I stopped my MBA classes. I had my own kind of depression, didn’t go out of my room for a week. It was a different kind of stress I never thought existed.

I left my previous job even though, I love the company but I just couldn’t put my heart into the job. Doors still opened for me, I am now serving the government for its International Trade and Expositions but I moved to the metropolis of the country. I had to get out of my comfort zone.

This page is about a woman, in her 20s, trying to find herself, her mishaps, her adventures, her career, her literary frustrations and the books that keeps her going and the simple things that keeps her (and you) sane.

PS. Green tea addict right here 😉



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